The cancellation of BritRuby and Why I love the Ruby community

While trolling through the internet, I’ve noticed some people stating that gender and race are real issues in the Ruby community and that the recent cancellation of the British Ruby Conference reflects poorly on the entire Ruby community as a whole. As a young, male, Hispanic American, I can tell you that this is complete B.S. As someone new to the Ruby community, and programming for that matter, you could say I have a pretty steep learning curve to overcome. And though I work hard everyday to learn Ruby, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I am if it weren’t for the great people in this community. I’ve never met such smart and passionate people who genuinely love what they do and truly enjoy teaching others what they know. In the last few months, I’ve made friends with people in the Ruby community who regularly push me to get better and learn new things, folks who won’t hesitate to help me understand a new concept I may be struggling with. The point I’m trying to make is that as a non-white male new to the Ruby community, I have never had any problems with racism or with narrow-minded individuals such as those who state that the Ruby community has problems with race. The Ruby community is a supportive one, filled with great people who love learning and teaching others what they know. This is the Ruby community that I know and love.

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