Working hard to become a Rails developer!

Hi! I’m Danny.

I come from a background in finance and as an undergrad I always enjoyed learning about our world economies and how our financial markets worked. But after graduating and beginning a career as a futures broker, I quickly realized that when selling really risky stuff it’s kinda hard to help and add value in peoples lives. That’s when I learned about web development and all the awesome educational resources online; long story short, I’ve finally found something that I’m truly passionate about. It’s hard to describe how exhilarating it is to learn something new and be able to apply what you’ve learned immediately; I’m getting high off of coding!

I’m currently going through Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial  and building a twitter-like web app. I’m also going through a few tutorials provided by Treehouse and Code school. If you’re looking for great resources to learn web development and more, check these out!

The main reason for this blog is to gather my thoughts on things I’m learning along the way to aid me in my learning process. My goal is to learn how to build things that add value and help people in their everyday lives, or at the very least, to build things that help people’s lives suck a little less!

Come say hi, follow me on twitter!

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